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Recent News - 08/12/2004

Well, we're finishing up the final mixes on our 2nd cd, Ecstatic Discharge, so look for some tasty new mp3's of every song soon.

Here's a preliminary mix of one of our new songs, Man of Many Dreams from our upcoming second cd, Ecstatic Discharge. Check it out and send your comments to John.

Wondering if you might like Lord Only? Here's an approx.4 meg sampler of every song on our first cd, Fear and Trembling. Give it a listen and see what you think.

Our first CD, Fear and Trembling, is available for sale for $8 + $2 s/h to the U.S. (may be more outside of the country). Save money on your order - buy more than one and get free shipping on your 2nd and subsequent cd purchases. Currently, we accept orders through PayPal, so to order, please click the button below.

(Please contact the band if you would like to order using a check or money order, and also before ordering from outside the United States to make special arrangements for shipping, or your order might not be processed properly.)


Here's a pretty decent mixdown of Fear, off of our new CD Fear and Trembling.

Check out a rough mix of our instrumental (Versatile Residue) from our first CD, Fear and Trembling.

Want to hear a vocal snippet from our upcoming 2nd cd, Ecstatic Discharge? Of course you do! This is the a capella section from Predator Of Dreams.



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