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This page will feature some Artwork ideas from Lord Only's upcoming CD's, Fear and Trembling and Ecstatic Discharge. The statues featured in some of the pictures were made by an artist in Denver Colorado, named Christoph Ehrenstrasser. He made 2 statues based on designs that John came up with to match the themes of the 2 CDs. The statue to the left is called Fear and Trembling, and the Statue below is called Ecstatic Discharge. In the coming weeks, we will put up more pictures of these beautiful statues, which will also be featured on the covers of both CDs.

We will also be displaying here, in the near future, various ideas that we come up with for the cover art of the cds as we begin to narrow our choices down.


Christoph Ehrenstrasser designed and built the statues by hand, using nothing but needle nose pliers, clippers, and a soldering iron. He used, for materials, bail wire and copper wire for Fear and Trembling, and galvanized steel, copper, and brass wire for Ecstatic Discharge. The statues are both about 2/3's life size, built from the waist up.

Here is Christoph's web page

And his email address is Christoph

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