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As of August 2000, Lord Only's studio is equipped with the following gear:

Mackie 24-8 Mixing Console with Pretty Blinking Meter Bridge
Mackie 24-E Mixing Expander with Pretty Blinking Meter Bridge
Yamaha ProMix 01 Automated Mixer (used for rehearsals)

Mackie HR 824 powered studio monitors
Alesis Monitor One studio monitors
Alesis RA-100 power amp
BGW Performance Series 3 power amp

Lexicon LXP-15 digital reverb/effects unit
T.C. Electronics G-Force digital effects unit
Alesis Quadraverb Q2 effects unit
Rocktron Intellifex effects unit
Boss SE-70 effects unit

Digitech TSR-24
Digitech Studio Vocalist

JL Cooper DataSync 2 computer/ADAT interface
Alesis BRC
Kurzweil K2VX
Kawai K-5000

Alesis Quadrasynth
Yamaha AN1x
Dell P2-300 computer w/Korg 1212 digital I/O card
Very Nice 21" Trinitron Monitor
Very Cool Black Keyboard and Matching White Mouse

Very cool, heavy, solid oak table that cost $50 at Goodwill.

Alesis ADAT XT-20 digital 8-track recorder (x2)
Alesis ADAT XT digital 8-track recorder
Alesis ADAT digital 8-track recorder
(w/Horizon Audio input upgrades)
Alesis ADAT digital 8-track recorder

Avalon VT-737 Tube Vocal preamp/compressor
Joe Meek VC1Q Vocal preamp/compressor
Joe Meek SC2 Compressor
Antares ATR-1
Aphex 105 Quad Gate (x2)
Aphex 106 Quad Compressor (x2)
Aphex 107 Dual Mic Preamp
Behringer Multigate Quad Expander/Gate (x2)
Behringer Ultracurve RTA/Parametric EQ/Graphic EQ/Fruit Juicer
And of course, a butt load of cables.
More cables than you could shake a stick at.
Midi. Elco. TRS. XLR. Elco to TRS. XLR to TRS. 13-pin.
A seriously large population of cables.
Enough cable snakes to make Indianna Jones
crap his pants.

Did I mention we had cables?